At Holy Leaf, we know that utilizing the entire hemp plant is necessary to experience and enjoy the full benefits that hemp has to offer. That means utilizing the seeds, stems, and buds through a process known as cold press CBD extraction.

What is Cold Press Extraction?

Our proprietary cold press extraction method involves utilizing minimal heat (under 95 degrees Fahrenheit), no toxic solvents, or other unnecessary chemicals. Instead, the careful process relies almost entirely on applying pressure to hemp. By applying pressure to hemp under minimal heat, it can be grounded into a fine paste. That paste is then further mixed in an effort to cause the oils better coagulate. Finally, the pressure is applied to the paste eventually forcing the oil to be removed.

Why Do You Use Cold Press Extraction?

We believe that the method of extraction has major effects on the way that the extracted oil not only tastes but how it reacts and benefits your body as well. While using heat-based extraction processes can result in a higher yield of CBD oil, it can also degrade the flavor and nutritional value of the oil. Cold press extraction avoids this degradation by utilizing a low heat and pressure to produce a higher quality CBD oil. We believe that the extra effort is worth the increased quality, and if you compare our product with other CBD oils on the market, we think that you will agree with us too.

Try Holy Leaf CBD oil today and experience the difference in quality that cold press extraction creates.

  • May 02, 2019
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